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It is specified that:
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You can contact the  Website Owner on the Website by completing an electronic form here.
The  Website Owner may therefore ask you for personal, mandatory and/or optional information to complete forms, such as, your name, physical address and email address, etc.

Not completing the available fields will not have any consequences apart from giving the  Website Owner the opportunity to reply to you. The Website Owner shall then use this information solely to reply to you by their chosen means, i.e., as a non-exhaustive example, by post, telephone or email.

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Collecting statistical data

It is specified that the  Website Owner may measure, by way of an illustrative and non-exhaustive example, the number of pages viewed, the number of visits and browsing by visitors on the Website with the aim of improving the Website's performance.

The  Website Owner shall use the log files issued by and stored on its server to do this.

The log files - kept for one year - trace the IP address of the Internet user and their navigation path.
The  Website Owner shall analyse visitors to the Website by using these connection data to find out their IP addresses. This information is not kept beyond a year.