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1. All information entered by the user in your profile will be visible on the relevant to the Personal Profile page. Any vulgar or racist word, any sentence that does not contain interesting information for other users, will be promptly removed to ensure all Members of a dating online service quality. They will also be shown only pictures and falling within the editorial guidelines set out in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. personal user data are treated in confidence and private and will not be shown on any page of our site. The data shall include, but not limited to, full name, e-mail address, your ZIP code, the mobile phone number or home phone, as well as the IP address. In any case, when we request information of this type, always we emphasize that they will not be displayed without the specific consent by you.
3. not share the User's personal data with third parties for marketing purposes without the express permission of the user.
4. We are obliged to provide personal information to legal authorities in the event that they are required by a specific authorization such as a search warrant or a direct request of the court. In any other case the user data are completely safe and protected on our site We do our best to ensure that information relating to You is complete, accurate and up to date, but we are confident on the User for any notification regarding the change of data in the event that had to be updated, or deleted.
5. The individual use that the User makes of the offered service to and from any form of contact established with the other Members will be treated confidentially.
6. has the right to send its own cookies on the user's computer and to access and allows the same process to its advertisers. The purpose of the cookie is to enable to recognize the user each time he does the Login and use the service, and keep the session active even when you do not access the website for a long time. Any kind of information that we, or third parties collect via cookies is exclusively anonymous.
7. Our Users can decide to delete their information from our database in the following ways: